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Labour Law

Practice-oriented partner for companies.

We advise mid-sized companies and multinational corporations of all business sectors, as well as public employers. We are a practice-oriented, reliable partner for extrajudicial (ongoing) consulting as well as for court representation all the way to the German Federal Labour Court.

Our labour law expertise encompasses all fields of individual and collective labour law. The labour law specialists in our branches cooperate closely with their colleagues from other relevant specialisations such as company, privacy, tax, and social insurance law.

We advise in particular on the content of employment contracts, company agreements, as well as collective agreements, and represent companies in negotiations on these issues with works councils and labour unions. We also support companies through organisational restructuring (e.g. staff reduction, outsourcing, transfer of business, creation of matrix structures) as well as with transactions of company law, and handle negotiations about reconciliation of interests and redundancy programmes. We are equally familiar with arbitration committees and due diligence reviews.

Together with our clients, we develop tailor-made concepts for employment conditions and relationships, from flexible work time models to innovative bonus systems, all the way to company pension schemes. Working side by side with our colleagues, we deliver complete privacy solutions and develop service and works contracts.

For executives, managing directors, and managers we are a trusted and effective partner for terminating their services and associated severance negotiations. If necessary, we also enforce your claims in court.

Our competence fields include:

  • Ongoing consultation of employers concerning labour law

  • Restructuring / staff reduction

  • Transfer of business

  • Industrial constitution law / employee representation law

  • Arbitration committees

  • Collective agreement law

  • Structuring of employment contracts, company agreements, and collective agreements

  • Company pension schemes

  • Court representation at all levels

  • Personnel leasing

  • Consulting of managers, managing directors, and executives

  • Employee data privacy

Our competences

Our competences