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Insurance and Liability Law

Legal certainty in all insurance and liability questions.

We continuously advise more than 15 insurance firms or their policy holders and represent both parties in court nationwide. We are engaged in major national and international damage claims, particularly in the areas of industrial liability, motor vehicle liability, product and business liability, financial loss liability, professional liability such as medical, legal, and notary liability, D&O, and general liability insurance.

Moreover, we advise our clients on the structure of insurance products and conditions, support them in pre-court regulation of insurance-policy entitlements and countering them, and handle litigation in all areas of insurance. Finally, we also support our clients with our legal competence in all aspects of insurance supervisory law and the rights of insurance representatives, and with issues of foundation of insurance companies, exclusion of business divisions, and redress processing.

We gladly share our extensive know-how on damage claims and liability with companies, their employees, and insurance brokers in in-house seminars and lectures.

Our competence fields:

  • Insurance supervision law

  • Insurance terms regulations

  • Person-specific insurance law

  • Property insurance law

  • Insurance brokerage regulations

  • Professional liability for lawyers, notaries, tax advisers, physicians, dentists, and veterinarians

  • D&O insurance law

  • Product and business liability law

  • Motor vehicle liability law

  • General liability law

Our competences

Our competences