With all the unwritten rules of the business in mind.

Public Sector

Legal partner of business and the public sector.

These days, the public sector is much more conscientious in its responsibility to guide our economy on the national and European level than it was in the past. Especially in the areas of traffic, energy, and infrastructure, the public domain is imposing very specific limitations on the one hand, and demanding a multitude of activities, particularly related to environmental protection, on the other. In this complex environment of restrictions and incentives, we provide our clients the best possible solutions.

We advise on all aspects of public law affecting the business world. Our activities are not limited to public commercial law in the stricter sense such as state aid, public procurement, and subsidies law. We also cover all interfaces between companies and the public domain, such as state building and urban development law, environmental law, commercial law, and municipal tax law.

Private businesses and state institutions request our support in the restructuring of holdings, as well as the organization of financing and service relationships in connection with privatization and public private partnerships (PPPs).

Our competence fields:

  • State aid law

  • Environmental and planning law

  • Constitutional and commercial administrative law

Our competences

Our competences