Grown Together.

International activities with regional roots.

GÖHMANN evolved from the merger of reputable German law firms. We can trace our beginnings all the way back to 1879, when Lawyer Dr. Albrecht Bulle founded a law firm in Bremen. The firm earned a sterling reputation particularly in the fields of labour, company, and public law, and with its focus on notaryship. Today, it covers all fields of business law, in addition to Spanish law. There are currently two notaries at our Bremen office.

The Hanover office was founded in 1925 by the lawyer and notary Dr. Paul Heesen. In 1949, the lawyer and notary Dr. Rudolf Göhmann, for whom our partnership is named today, joined the firm. The office established its reputation as a business law firm with a focus on notaryship, particularly in the fields of stock corporation law, property law, and industrial property rights. Today, there are 24 lawyers and 7 notaries working in Hanover.

The Brunswick office also looks back on a history steeped in tradition. Even before World War One, the partnership of Dr. Elsmann Dr. Helms was founded from the law office of Dr. Arnold Roth. Our team of lawyers in Brunswick is known for business law expertise in all areas, particularly stock corporation law, building and architectural law, and industrial property rights. The office also has five notaries providing notary services.

Starting in 1990, the Brunswick office handled a number of legal issues pertaining to German reunification, which in turn led to the founding of our Magdeburg office. Our team of lawyers in Magdeburg has earned an excellent reputation in the field of commercial and company law, labour law, property and building law, and energy law.

The office in Frankfurt am Main has its roots in the reputable law firm of Kappus & Hartmann. It was founded in 1957 by the long-time president of the Frankfurt Notarkammer (Notarial Association), Dr. Klaus-Dieter Hartmann. Our Frankfurt branch is known for decades of expertise in business, banking, and property law, and its focus on notarial activities. Today, 26 lawyers and four notaries are working in Frankfurt. From Frankfurt, the Berlin office was opened in 1994.

Our branch in Barcelona was established more than 20 years ago. It represents many German, Spanish, and foreign companies on the Iberian Peninsula. Nearly all of the German and Spanish lawyers and abogados supporting our clients at the Barcelona office are bilingual and doubly qualified. This branch has particularly extensive experience in commercial, banking, and property law.

Nationwide presence, internationally connected.

Regional partnerships have been authorised in Germany since the 1990s. Four our law offices, this was the starting point of our partnership in its current form. One by one, the individual offices joined in order to benefit from mutual exchange and grow into a business law firm consulting on all facets of business law.

As a first step, the Hanover and Brunswick offices merged in 1998. The Bremen office followed in 1999. This firm then merged with Kappus & Hartmann of Frankfurt am Main in 2001.

In 2007, the GÖHMANN Rechtsanwälte Abogados Advokat Steuerberater Partnerschaftsgesellschaft was founded, which operates under the name GÖHMANN for short. In 2008, GÖHMANN joined the international network of law firms Globalaw, so we can now offer our clients access to the largest network of leading business law firms.

Today, GÖHMANN is present at the seven locations Berlin, Brunswick, Bremen, Frankfurt am Main, Hannover, Magdeburg and Barcelona with its own law teams.