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Banking and Financial Regulatory Law/Financing

High legal certainty in all banking and financing questions.

Banking and finance law has been one of our central competence fields for decades. It includes the areas of capital investment law and general loan contract law for commercial and private clients, particularly personnel and real estate loans, loan securities, general terms and conditions, consumer protection regulations, and laws governing securities and derivatives. With our highly specialized, powerful legal team, we represent credit institutes in courts across the country, focusing particularly on the strategic management of mass disputes.

Banking supervisory law and general issues regarding various types of financing structures, as well as consulting on regulatory questions, have been part of our daily practice for many years.

We advise large and small commercial banks, special financiers, mortgage banks, cooperative institutes, and private banks of any size and represent their interest in the courts.

Our lawyers specialised in banking law work closely with our real estate and building law specialists, enabling us to provide sound advice on acquisitions, financing, and sales of large real estate portfolios - both to the buyer and the seller.

Our competence fields:

  • Court representation including strategic consultation and organisation of mass disputes

  • Financial market supervisory law

  • Acquisition, project, and real estate financing

  • Contract structuring

Our competences

Our competences