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Law on Economic and Fiscal Offences

Strong strategies for sensitive situations.

As an experienced business law firm, we advise enterprises and business managers on preventive risk analysis and represent them in investigative and criminal procedures. Our expertise on criminal law covers primarily investigations and proceedings in cases of suspected fraud, embezzlement, or corruption. In addition, we regularly represent our clients in legal issues involving taxes and tariffs, and in questions of special circumstances involving insolvency.

Our clients benefit not only from our proven trial experience. They can rely on the interdisciplinary competence of several qualified specialists in all relevant fields of law, even in sensitive situations and protracted commercial criminal law proceedings. Regardless of the complexity of the case, we offer our clients top quality consulting and representation.

Our competence fields:

  • Law on Economic and Fiscal Offences

  • Compliance consulting

  • Invesigative proceedings

  • Individual defence

  • Commercial criminal proceeding

Your specialists for Law on Economic and Fiscal Offences:

Our competences

Our competences