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Media Rights and Copyright, Technology and Communication

Competent interface consulting between IT and privacy.

In light of the progressive digitalisation of this business sector, expertise in the field of media rights and legal consultation at the interface between IT law and data privacy is becoming more and more crucial. Our clients are increasingly in need of consulting services revolving around the creation and distribution of media content.

We support press and media enterprises with all sector-specific questions from laws governing written expression and visual reporting to copyright, publishing, and competition law, all the way to tele-media and telecommunications law. We also advise businesses and private individuals on interactions with the press and all other media, and enforce claims arising from publications that violate the client's reputation and individual rights.

Our portfolio of services also covers all areas of IT law. This includes comprehensive and interdisciplinary consulting on all issues involving internet and IT law, data privacy, and e-commerce, as well as ongoing client support with large IT projects. In particular, it encompasses the structuring and negotiation of extensive IT contracts, e.g. outsourcing, software development, licensing, and maintenance contracts.

Further, our specialist lawyers support our clients on all compliance-related issues such as privacy and data security, as well as issues of licence management. Finally, we also assist our clients with legally sound development and operation of internet portals and social media presences.

Our competence fields:

  • Copyright disputes and proceedings

  • Licensing and use of works and ancillary copyright

  • Protection of privacy and reputation management

  • Publishing and authorship contracts

  • Production contracts

  • Information technology

  • Media

  • Press law and the right to free speech

  • Sports law

  • Telecommunications

  • Data privacy

  • IP litigation

  • IT law

Our competences

Our competences